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The Firehouse Sessions Poems from "Bad Apples"

On Thursday, May 12, poets, artists, and audience members gathered in Confidence Firehouse Gallery to listen to poems inspired by the artwork from Bad Apples: Skateboarding and the Misfit Culture of EDC. Below are some of those poems.

To learn more about Bad Applesclick here.

To Jump This Sierra Town – Lara Gularte

To Jump This Sierra Town   In a world of concrete, a kinetic kind of art, the board comes alive.   You make it leap like a new animal, jump the town.   Not a surfboard, but a mountain skateboard.   Smooth sliding, sailing, over waves of asphalt, concrete.   Legs need a new journey,…

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Death on Wheels – Beatrice Pizer

Watch Me With Skull and Snake and Lightening flashtight under my decka prayer rolling close to the groundstaring down death —poppin’ out fire ‘n ice. I’m stoked!Shed old skin as I skatekick the nose, kick ‘n flip itspin it — Yeh!Then land two feet solidsurfing walls of empty pools,blue on blue, we split the skyear…

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The Bench – Sue McMahon

The Bench   poets gathered to write poems about skateboarding culture and bad apple scenes   a writer stumbled upon a lone dark gray bench scarred deeply from their wheels   rumored stolen from a lot painted name faded on top never to return Artist Unknown, Untitled

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Snake and Flowers – Taylor Graham

SNAKE AND FLOWERS   I’m invisible in the painting, weed-eating May’s flowers – the same, or sisters of the ones I cut in March and again in April, last year and the last, perennial acrylic blossoms on wood. A fool’s errand it seems. And here’s the snake, winding its way with flowers. Is this the…

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Tahoe from Above – Steve Talbert

Justin Boyd, Tahoe From Above #1, 2019, Pyrograph on wood   Tahoe From Above   If you could only see me now Mama! In this nice Gallery, I even write in smooth cursive, And spell ok, no more of that ADHD like before   When I nailed old roller skates To a board and oiled…

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Untitled – Steve Talbert

Untitled A Skelton of fierce Kinetic activity clatters Whole cult of dudes And lingo describing The board tricks   The poetry of First Air Wheels off concrete Feet flipping and positioning For full body impact landing   Hopefully with somebody watching And you don’t get destroyed Then to leap Board stuck to your feet and…

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FTW – Steve Talbert

FTW   Great! A skull and Eagle smokin’ pot Rendered neatly in ink over spider webs; The whole image could be a tattoo On girlfriends behind or The eagle on yours.   The included skull with ball cap Makes me feel my years Though nasal septum’s well rendered; Did this bone belong to actual being…

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Poppy – Steve Talbert

Nate Reifke, Poppy, 2020, Ink On Wood   Poppy   This board with painting has seen action Skid marks digging through poly-coating Reveal kinetic uprising through real urban Boarding in many a flip and toe trick Grinding the back edge on concrete as brakes;   Board to absorb full body weight coming down Flexible to…

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Poisonous Insidious – Kat Solares

Poisonous insidious   Crabwalk a half man thing on the beach My web back-lit amongst colors of fire Burns as a spotlight in your retinal chambers My smooth legs creep along the beach sidewalk Tiptoes light the darkness as they go Tip tap tip tap tip tap My dark eyes hypnotize you Empty Pulverize you…

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Broken – Kat Solares

Nate Reifke, Boot, Pen and ink on paper, 2018   Broken   Snapped Fracture Conjecture A memory now spoiled Now thier is fear I give this piece of mine forth now it’s a sultry ritual I place it upon wheels And I roll it in front of the procession On its way to be interred Down…

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