Poppy – Steve Talbert

Nate Reifke, Poppy, 2020, Ink On Wood




This board with painting has seen action

Skid marks digging through poly-coating

Reveal kinetic uprising through real urban

Boarding in many a flip and toe trick

Grinding the back edge on concrete as brakes;


Board to absorb full body weight coming down

Flexible to receive shock creating many hours

Clatter in the urban skateboard pen… That


The City Fathers designed to contain the racket

And keep you away from the strolling elderly

In front of the Mall … But only


After they carefully considered Liability issues

From potential injury resulting in the large green

Sign at entrance reminding all boarders that

They are responsible for their own bruises.

Nate Reifke, Poppy, 2020, Printed ink on wood
Nate Reifke, Poppy, 2020, Printed ink on wood