Arts and Culture El Dorado’s mission to promote, connect, and empower arts and culture throughout the county is achieved by targeted programs and services; a vibrant gallery exhibition series; and a focus on initiatives which support and sustain the cultural life of the region.

Currently at Switchboard Gallery

Arts and Culture El Dorado is partnering with the Sacramento Office of Arts and Culture on the California Creative Corps. ForestSong, a CCC project from local artist Andie Thrams; was created as a response to recent devastating wildfires in the region. ForestSong is a collaborative art project that investigates grief, beauty, and interconnection, shares images and science, invokes the sacred while bearing witness to the effects of natural disasters, and invites action to preserve, protect, and celebrate our natural wonders. ForestSong runs through August 11, 2024.

Poet Laureate Trail

The Laureate Trail is returning to El Dorado County. A collaboration between Arts and Culture El Dorado and the El Dorado County Library, the Laureate Trail sees 2023-2025 El Dorado County Poet Laureate Stephen Meadows visit all six libraries in El Dorado County for free poetry readings, Q&As and open mics. Meadows will be joined on the trail by former Poets Laureate, special guests from El Dorado County and beyond, and Poetry Out Loud champions.
The Laureate Trail begins at the Georgetown Library on Wednesday, July 31, 2024. The final stop on the Trail will be at the Placerville library on Saturday, June 7, 2025, where Meadows will be joined by special guests including the 2025 Poetry Out Loud champion and the next Poet Laureate.
Georgetown postcard front

Placerville Historic Renovation

Fundraising Underway for Camino Roundabout Sculpture


The Camino Roundabout Sculpture Project represents an exercise in community self-definition and an elegant exploration of the culture, economy, and values of the Camino/Fruitridge Ag District. Join us in supporting this gateway project!

County Supervisors Chamber: Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson was interested in art at an early age. He learned acrylic painting and other mediums in high school and set out in college as an art major at the University of Nebraska. That major changed to broadcast journalism when he decided to try his hand at the art of television. After more than four decades in broadcasting he returned to his early passion.

When Robert took up painting again it was with the desire to learn oils. He challenged himself and tackled the painting of people and portraits. He realized he had more patience as an artist than when he was young. Robert had developed a better eye working in TV studios and gained a greater understanding of the importance of light and shadow, the nuance of design and composition, and the drama of color. Today he enjoys exploring a variety of subject matter and experimenting with different styles. You can view his collections on his website at:

New Incubator Partners

Red Paint Collective advances wellness, reclamation, and sovereignty of Native, Indigenous and Latino Cultural Arts. Click to read more.

The Black Rock Philharmonic is an all-inclusive orchestra, with musicians from around the world, who come together every year at Burning Man to bring beautiful classical concerts to the Burning Man community. Click to read more.

Indigenous Art+Med of California's intention is to provide programming and space-centering contemporary and traditional arts, culture, and wellness knowledge. Click to read more.

The Native American Center for Arts and Culture was founded to support the cultural, spiritual and creative needs of the Native American and Latino communities, by providing a space to gather for sharing and the creation of art that strengthens us as individuals and as a community. Click to read more.




Artist Anton Nemeth at his ceramics bench

Pine needle basket by artist Nettie Fox

Poetry Out Loud contestant Michaela Yack

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