Young Artist Awards

Arts and Culture El Dorado's Young Artist Awards honor the memory of four bright lights in our community who were great supporters of the arts, and whose lives represent the talent, thoughtfulness, generosity, and commitment to our community that make El Dorado County such a special place to live. These awards will be presented to outstanding high school juniors and seniors in each of four categories: music, visual art, theater, and nature-inspired art of any discipline. The awards are:

  • Richard H. Bush Award for Music
  • Joey Cattone Award for Visual Art
  • Lanny Langston Award for Theater
  • Jane Van Camp Award for Nature-Inspired Art

Students will be nominated by El Dorado County high school teachers. The four families will participate in the selection process, and an honorarium of $500 will be presented to each awardee. An awards ceremony, which will be free and open to the public, will take place in Spring 2022.

The students who receive these awards will exemplify the talent and immense potential of our El Dorado County high school students. As an annual program, the Young Artist Awards will continue to celebrate the great promise of younger generations and honor the lives and legacies of the “bright lights” who came before them.


Richard H. Bush
Richard H. Bush

Dick Bush earned his PhD in Metallurgical and Materials Science Engineering at Stanford University. In 1973, he established Madroña Vineyards. Dick was passionate about the arts in all forms and was a longtime supporter of the arts in El Dorado County.

Joey Cattone
Joey Cattone

Joey Cattone was a bright light in the world of visual art in El Dorado County. A prolific self-taught artist, Joey worked in many artistic mediums and her work is held in private and public collections. Joey was a dedicated community supporter of the arts.

Lanny Langston
Lanny Langston

Lanny Langston earned his degree in Drama at University California, Santa Barbara. He co-founded Imagination Theater, where he was a mentor and helped foster a love of theater in others. He acted in and directed many productions throughout his life. He was described as a Renaissance Man.

Jane Van Camp
Jane Van Camp

Jane Van Camp earned her bachelor of arts and teaching credential at the University of California, Davis. A profound lover of the arts, Jane also had an entrepreneurial spirit. Her award-winning body of work includes poems, sketches, photographs, paintings, and nature films.


  • Must be high school junior or senior
  • Must attend school in El Dorado County
  • Must be nominated by a current teacher

Young Artist Awards Ceremony

2022 Young Artist Awards

2022 Young Artist Awards In 2019 and 2020, El Dorado County lost four beloved members of its community: Richard H. Bush, Lanny Langston, Joey Cattone, and Jane Van Camp. In their memory, and as a way of celebrating their impact and their legacies, Arts and Culture El Dorado created the Young Artist Awards, which will…

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