2024 Young Artist Awards

Left to Right: Luci Padilla, Nia Henderson, and Chloe Olney.
Left to Right: Luci Padilla, Nia Henderson, and Chloe Olney.

Four outstanding high school seniors received the 2024 Young Artist Awards at a reception at Arts and Culture El Dorado’s Switchboard Gallery at 525 Main Street in Placerville.

The event, held on Thursday, April 25, also honored the memory of four bright lights in the El Dorado County community who greatly supported the arts. Their lives represent the talent, thoughtfulness, generosity, and commitment to the community that makes El Dorado County a special place to live. The Young Artist Awards were presented in four categories: the Richard H. Bush Award for Music; the Joey Cattone Award for Visual Art; the Lanny Langston Award for Theater; and the Jane Van Camp Award for Nature-Inspired Art. Awardees received a $500 honorarium.

Oak Ridge senior Adrianna Vasquez, selected by Paul, Maggie, and Leslie Bush, received the 2024 Richard H. Bush Award for Music. Adrianna, nominated by Nathan Tilley, is a key piece of the percussion ensemble at Oak Ridge, setting rehearsal and performance standards for the entire section as the center marimba. Adrianna will pursue a degree in Music Education at Arizona State University. “Adrianna is an incredibly talented musician,” noted Nathan Tilley.

Dan Cattone presented the 2024 Joey Cattone Award for Visual Art to Luci Padilla, a senior at Ponderosa High School. Luci, nominated by Jennifer Schrock, is a standout artist whose “original ideas and ability to take creative risks” set her apart. In addition to being a talented artist, she has displayed strong leadership and communication skills. “In the time I have spent with Luci, I have been impressed with her creativity, perseverance, and technical abilities in art,” commented Jennifer Schrock.

Tish Langston presented the 2024 Lanny Langston Award for Theater to Chloe Olney, a senior at Union Mine High School. Chloe, nominated by Heather Freer, is a “creative genius” who brings Theatre at the Mine productions to life as a stage manager, designing sets, coordinating lighting and tech, and problem-solving with actors and directors. “She is truly the heart of the theater,” said Heather Freer.

Tiffany Van Camp presented the 2024 Jane Van Camp Award for Nature-Inspired Art to Nia Henderson, a senior at El Dorado High School. Nia, nominated by Krista Potter, excels in many areas: artistically and academically, but also as a leader and a community volunteer. She has, for instance, created multiple pieces of nature-themed public art and established a learning station for younger students to explore the world of fungi. “Our campus and community are more beautiful because of her dedication and creativity,” explains Krista Potter.

An annual program, the Young Artist Awards will continue to celebrate the great promise of younger generations and honor the lives and legacies of those bright lights who came before them.

Students Awarded This Year

Adrianna Web
Luci Padilla Web
Chloe Olney Web
Nia Henderon Web

Adrianna Vasquez

Richard H. Bush
Award for Music

Nominated by Nathan Tilley

Oak Ridge High School

Luci Padilla

Joey Cattone
Award for Visual Art

Nominated by Jennifer Schrock

Ponderosa High School

Chloe Olney

Lanny Langston
Award for Theater

Nominated by Heather Freer

Union Mine High School

Nia Henderson

Jane Van Camp Award for
Nature-Inspired Art

Nominated by Krista Potter

El Dorado High School