2023 Young Artist Awards

2023 Young Artist Awards

In 2019 and 2020, El Dorado County lost four beloved members of its community: Richard H. Bush, Lanny Langston, Joey Cattone, and Jane Van Camp. In their memory, and as a way of celebrating their impact and their legacies, Arts and Culture El Dorado created the Young Artist Awards, which will honor juniors and seniors at El Dorado County high schools in four categories: Music, Theatre, Visual Art, and Nature-inspired Art. The recipients of these awards also receive $500.

A reception for the families, students, and nominating teachers was held at Arts and Culture El Dorado’s Switchboard Gallery on Thurday, April 27.

Students Awarded This Year

Audrey Ewing

Richard H. Bush
Award for Music

Nominated by Paul Varoff

Anandita Gupta

Joey Cattone
Award for Visual Art

Nominated by Michelle Kite

Jayce Kaldunski

Lanny Langston
Award for Theater

Nominated by Paul Tomei

Macie Douglas

Jane Van Camp Award for
Nature-Inspired Art

Nominated by Krista Potter