Poisonous Insidious – Kat Solares

Poisonous insidious


Crabwalk a half man thing on the beach

My web back-lit amongst colors of fire

Burns as a spotlight in your retinal chambers

My smooth legs creep along the beach sidewalk

Tiptoes light the darkness as they go

Tip tap tip tap tip tap

My dark eyes hypnotize you


Pulverize you

My smile steals your soul


Incepid sneaky interluder

My brain is bursting colors

Purples ripple from my abdomen

Waves of putrid beauty


As I glide out my lacy purple tinsel web

I phosphorus my poisons

That I inseminate

Below the skin

Not from a menacing bite

But from my toothy beguile

My juices stun your senses

And draw you out on the edge

My vision shall immerse you

And collide inside of your black hole

Chris Danley, Untitled, 2004, Paint on canvas
Chris Danley, Untitled, 2004, Paint on canvas