Death on Wheels – Beatrice Pizer

Watch Me

With Skull and Snake and Lightening flash
tight under my deck
a prayer rolling close to the ground
staring down death --
poppin’ out fire ‘n ice. I’m stoked!
Shed old skin as I skate
kick the nose, kick ‘n flip it
spin it -- Yeh!
Then land two feet solid
surfing walls of empty pools,
blue on blue, we split the sky
ear buds plugged in
shooting hip hop in my head
Nollie Tre Flip; Back from the Dead
wheels scraping gravel,
Aireal, Caballerial, dude the rush!
Long curving arcs
slow ‘n easy, riding Fakie
right foot behind, Front side
Mongo-foot and Goofy
surfing curbs and scraping
axels 50-50, remember that night
down town when I got doped up
as a fish, and only sixteen,
they took me to Juvie. Found treasure
inside a locked box
some Jug-Nut showed me his
board, hand-painted black roses,
did the trick
that skate-board. Sic man! Sweet.
No Pharmacy meds. No Prozac.
Just tripping on ramps
and grazing my ass,
even with knee pads and helmet
barely grown in a beard
when I scored my first shuv. G.O.A.T Goat!
Greatest of All Time!
Look at me! ‘I’m a shredder!’
Dropped out at 10th grade; the man said
I was a dud. Don’t give a shit,
in my head I’m riffing on steel,
I’m Death and Snake and Lightening
on wheels. Watch me man.
Watch me fly!

Mike McGill, Powell Peralta Skateboard, c. 1984
Mike McGill, Powell Peralta Skateboard, c. 1984