Flux Youth Arts


For FLUX we invited all makers and artists aged 14-19 to work with local artists across creative mediums to develop their own piece and tell their stories of living in a time of pandemic and social unrest. 

We asked; what they lost and gained in this moment, what it was like to stare down adulthood in 2021 and beyond, and what did they see clearly that they felt older generations did not. 


Workshops were offered in: 

-Embodied storytelling/dance with Tiffany Van Camp 

-Intuitive collage with Alison Tomei 

-Songwriting with Annah Anti-Palindrome 

-Oral storytelling/Improv with Andrew Vonderschmitt

-Creative Writing with Darin Coelho 

Questions? Contact marya@artsandcultureeldorado.org