Tiffany Van-Camp



With teaching artist Tiffany Van Camp 

The body has a language of its own, one that can express your experiences in a uniquely visceral way. Through physical movement, you will weave together impressions of this last year to create a short dance piece. Participants can create right from home, or anyplace. In this workshop Tiffany will guide you through a few different approaches to creating an original dance. If this is a new medium for you, not to worry - the workshop will lead you through the process and Tiffany will offer guidance and feedback to help you create your piece confidently.

SOUNDING OUT: A Songwriting Workshop for Beginners
With teaching artist Annah Anti-Palindrome 

Songs empower us to use our voices as instruments of creative dissent!

Did you know that you don’t need to play an instrument to be a songwriter? That’s right! You don’t even need to be a musician to write a song! This workshop is an opportunity to learn some basic songwriting skills so that you can sing your story about these wild times we're living in. This workshop will offer support and guidance through the personal songwriting journey, and participants will also learn the basic functions of free/easy-to-use recording programs so they can record and edit their own tracks

With teaching artist Andrew Vonderschmitt

Tell your story, on the fly, without a script. Participants will learn how to flesh out and tell stories, anecdotes, and even jokes based on personal experience using improvisation and storytelling methods. Improvisation techniques such as characterization, emotion, object work, and specificity will be coupled with storytelling methods like story structure, narrative devices, character arcs, and conflict or suspense to tell intriguing and poignant tales.


THE HERO'S JOURNEY: Telling our story through collage / mixed media and journaling
With teaching artist Alison Tomei

This class focus is on creating a personal mythology and  a visual representation of that story through symbolism and imagery. We explore some common symbols and the meaning, complete some free writing prompts and explore the concept of the hero’s journey as it pertains to the last year and what we have experienced as well as how it has transformed our lives or some aspect of ourselves.
The medium will be collage mostly from magazines, printed images or even your own photos. This project is also open to any other mixed media you may want to add to your collage. We will also be completing some short journal prompts to assist in your process.

POETRY WORKSHOP: The Consolations of Solitude
With teaching artist Darin Coelho 

This workshop will help you turn the solitary season of 2020 into a meditative poem or cycle of short poems focused on beauty and personal insight. We will review a short selection of famous poems that may help you find the right poetic form for your words and experience. The ultimate goal of the course will be to create a series of quatrains, haiku or a longer free verse poem. Find the joy and beauty in poetic expression!