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The Firehouse Sessions Poems from "A Room of Their Own"

On Thursday, November 18, poets, artists, and audience members gathered in Confidence Firehouse Gallery to listen to poems inspired by the artwork from A Room of Their Own: Women Artists of the Sierra.

To learn more about A Room of Their Ownclick here.

A Room of Her Own – Lara Gularte

Cherie Hacker, Universal Dreamer, 2020, Mixed media A ROOM OF HER OWN Inspired by Universal Dreamer, Cherie Hacker                             Room of their Own Exhibition, Arts and Culture El Dorado   She’s a dreamer, a graceful climber–on a journey toward the light of a…

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Sisters All – Sue Crisp

Alison Tomei, Sister All, 2019, Acrylic on canvas SISTERS ALL – ALISON TOMEI – 2019   Sisters all, by a singular nuclei of gender divided into individuals. Each with it’s own identity, yet sharing a single gene. Sharing in physical traits and memories.   Encapsulated in the beginning, in a single cell, now divided into…

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Porcelain – Beatrice Pizer

Katie Morris, Reception, 2020, Porcelain Preamble to share with listeners: This ceramic by Katie Morris caught my attention. Because of its hollow arms it made me think. Perhaps it was meant as a candelabra to hang on a wall? A fusion of woman and tree with fluted arms. An Object. This set off a stream…

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End/Beginnings: Fireweed – Taylor Graham

Julia Schwadron Marianelli, Study (Fireweed 2), 2018, Acrylic ink on paper End / Beginnings : Fireweed inspired by Study (Fireweed 2), Julia Schwadron Marianelli   After the fire swept through making of forest a waste of ash and char,   after a winter of wind and rains eroding slopes burned down to mineral soil,  …

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