A Room of Their Own: Women Artists of the Sierra – September 30, 2021 – December 12, 2021

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Women artists took the lead in this exhibition at Confidence Firehouse Gallery. The exhibition featured artworks by over ten local artists working in a diverse array of mediums. Photographs, watercolor paintings, mixed media works, ceramics, block prints and plant-based sculpture were all counted among the works on display.
A Room of Their Own was inspired by the 101st anniversary of women’s suffrage in the U.S., which passed on August 26 of 2021. The anniversary of this momentous date was an occasion to reflect on the long journey and hard work of women past and the continued work toward equality in all sectors.
The title of the show, A Room of Their Own, is a reference to the essay, "A Room of One's Own" (1929) by writer Virginia Woolf, which draws a link between the social, political, and financial limitations placed on women and the equally tight restrictions to their creative work and prospects for commercial success. Although the essay was written nearly 100 years ago, women artists of all mediums still struggle to gain recognition and validation for their artistic achievements.
“There are so many incredible women artists in this area, we really wanted to get as many together as we could in one place,” says Exhibitions Curator and Placerville resident Marya Osucha. “And though the idea for the show was inspired by women winning the right to vote a hundred years ago, the show is really about bringing together this creative community of women, celebrating who we are, and looking at where we want to go from here.”
Confidence Firehouse Gallery
487 Main Street, Placerville
September 30 - December 12, 2021
.Thursday - Sunday, 11 am - 4 pm