Zombie – Kat Solares



Look through me

Work those swirling whirling eyes

Spiraling out from a drawn and gaunt face

Skin dripping off in layers

Your O'Neil shirt tattered and ragged

Your baggy jeans just a thought below the knees

Bloody toes peek just through the worn and forlorn Van's

Arms limp as you walk

One swaying at your side

Deck tucked under the other

Barley hanging on

Each foot

Dragging as you go


Dripping blood and brain you trek

With a sickening sound

A dragging gurgling groan

You trek to the park

To the rails and the half pipe

Where your eyes will grow shiny again

The dullness will fade away

Your legs become nimble as you drop in

Your heart will again begin to beat

Your flesh will heal

Your blood will warm

Your mind will clear and focus

And your soul will be free

Meet me there!

Isreal Forbes, Bad Apples, Wood, 2022
Isreal Forbes, Bad Apples, Wood, 2022