The Assemblage, by J. Blossom

Window Dressing


Think of it: A personal no-rules narrative.

Ones’ private emoting and creative collecting.

Tin to burlap, string to ash, straw in a window frame.


Patinas with burnt rust, bonfire-orange sheet metaled.

Co-existing on immolated wooden slats; seeds, beads, a cross.


Prized now yet once they were the broken things.

              Disused paint chipped

                    Disowned torn apart

                           Discarded shattered shards.


Paradise for a cultural scavenger the creator as anthropologist.

               The curious

                      The collator

                            The contributor


Think of it: All the pieces of all the stories finished or unfinished.


Persons never knowing a thief lovingly went hunting finding

Masterfully breathing their garbage life into the strikingly unruined.



Window Dressing, 1999, Mixed media
Window Dressing, 1999, Mixed media