Taylor Graham Book Signing and Reading Thursday, September 19th from 6-8 pm


Taylor Graham served as Poet Laureate from 2016 to 2018 in El Dorado County and although her tenure ended over a year ago she has not stopped serving the written word and her community.

Windows of Time and Place, Graham’s eighteenth book, is an homage to all things El Dorado County and includes many works penned while she occupied the position of El Dorado County Poet Laureate, a program developed by Arts and Culture El Dorado.

Published by David A. Boles at Cold River Press, Graham’s latest installment is sure to please any fan of El Dorado County, great poetry, or the written word. During her time as Poet Laureate, Graham wrote many poems for special occasions throughout the county as well as composing poems almost daily. This edition of her efforts is a volume of extraordinary works about the region she so clearly loves.

“Seldom does a book cross a publisher’s desk that is as succinct and complete as Taylor Graham’s WINDOWS OF TIME AND PLACE,” said Boles of Graham’s work. “Great care was given to the design of this book to reflect the same care and reverence that Graham gives to El Dorado County in this masterpiece from the county’s Poet Laureate Emerita. It is a tremendous honor to have published this work, a work that will withstand the passages of time for many generations to come.  Bravo, writer.  Bravo.”

In addition to her work as a poet and organizer of poetry groups, Taylor has trained rescue dogs for many years in El Dorado County and participated in many rescues along the way. She is a Fulbright Scholar and a Woodrow Wilson Scholarship recipient, and was awarded a master’s in comparative literature from the University of Southern California; she has also done major coursework at Cal Lutheran College in German with a minor in French.

“When we came to El Dorado County thirty-five years ago,” said Graham, musing about coming to the region, “I knew we were home — the land, history, and way of life are in my blood and, I hope, in my poetry.”

Personifying the working poet, Taylor spends much of her time organizing read-arounds, workshops, formal readings, and participates in Improv Poetry events throughout El Dorado County. Taylor wrote many “occasional poems” for official events throughout her tenure as Poet Laureate, many of which have found their way into Windows of Time and Place. She also, by her own admission, writes poetry every day. When not writing or engaging in countless poetry-related events Taylor spends her time with her husband Hatch Graham, their mostly retired search-trained dog Loki, and cat Latches on their five-plus acre piece of El Dorado County.