Support the Cultural Master Plan for El Dorado County

Support the Cultural Master Plan for El Dorado County! We know you understand the power of arts and culture to advance a sense of community. To participate in this important process, we are seeking donations of $18, $180, and $1,800 to reflect our geography of 1,800 square miles and population of 180,000.

You will be part of an initiative which has the potential to:

  • Find new answers to old problems.
  • Tap the full economic development potential of local artists and cultural organizations.
  • Spark renewed civic pride.
  • Strengthen support for artists and nonprofit cultural organizations.
  • Fully integrate the arts into education.
  • Determine feasibility of developing cultural facilities.
  • Enhance access to cultural programs to a broader base of citizens.

Then join us this September for a VIP Celebration at magical Villa Florentina in Coloma.


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