Poetry Out Loud School Registration Form
Each Poetry Out Loud school must have a Lead Teacher who will be the primary point of contact for the program at their school. This can be one of the teachers implementing Poetry Out Loud in their own classroom or another school staff member. The Lead Teacher should be prepared to pass along materials and information to all participating teachers in a timely fashion, report school-wide contest results, and contact county staff with any questions or concerns that come up.
We would like to know how many students and teachers will be involved in Poetry Out Loud at your school and when you plan to hold your schoolwide contest. If you are not certain yet, please give us your best estimates.
If you are not sure of what date, give your best guess and let us know if the date changes. Your contest must be completed by February 1, 2021 to qualify your School Champion for county finals.
These are usually students who only attend events as audience members. Students who participate in class but don't compete are DIRECT participants and should be counted above.