Passion is Nigh, by Sue McMahon

Passion is Nigh

He pondered the dilemma
The quandary taking over the night
He caressed her over and over
And whispered sweet nothings into her ear
Their love was heightened by saliva
Whilst their bodies became twisted
She ever so lightly pulled away
And turned her head
He panted frantically
Hanging his head,
He sat up and wondered what
Had gone awry in this moment
while she wept
a few too many tears
from a memory long ago,
Interrupted her longing
For the present
He pondered, she still wept
He reached over and whispered
I am still here and I love you so
I feel your hurt, can you let it go?
take down this wall
let it crumble to dust
And tell it good-by
Let us make love
For passion is nigh


Sue McMahon

Marisa Sayago, Barrera, 1998, terracotta
Marisa Sayago, Barrera, 1998, terracotta