Confidence Firehouse Gallery Information

Basic information about showing in Confidence Gallery

Gallery location: 487 Main Street, Placerville, CA

Gallery Hours:  Thursday through Sunday, 11 am - 4 pm

Gallery will not be left unattended during open hours. Arts and Culture El Dorado has a dedicated staff member to keep an eye on the artwork and greet the public/answer their questions. Should artist want to spend time in the Gallery talking to members of the public they are free to do so, but need to let Arts and Culture staff aware of this in advance.


Artwork Selection:

Arts and Culture staff will choose which pieces of an artists’ collection are to be displayed. We will listen to the Artist’s suggestions and take their wishes into account, but the final selection is up to Arts and Culture staff. After a certain date these selections CANNOT be changed except under extreme circumstances.



Unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon, Arts and Culture staff will install artwork. If possible Artist should drop their pieces off on an agreed upon date and time – but this is a case-by-case basis. Installation typically begins a week prior to the show’s opening.

Installation will include:

  • Putting artwork on walls
  • Setting up any pedestals and placing artwork
  • Putting up wall tags with information about the pieces or show


Arts and Culture staff will take down pieces from the walls, or off pedestals. Artist is responsible for making plans to get their artwork. If items need to be packaged, we prefer the artist do it themselves. De-installation typically takes place the day after the show closes.

Marketing Materials:

Arts and Culture El Dorado has a series of physical and digital materials they make and provide in order to get the word out about each gallery show. These include: postcards, catalogues of all artwork in show, posters, digital graphics for website and social media posts, and the creation of a press release for newspapers.

For the physical items (postcard and catalogues) information will be needed from the artist well in advance of the show opening. This list can change from exhibition to exhibition, but on average the artist needs to give a brief essay on their pieces or the topic of the show, as well as specific information for artwork on display.

Catalogue creation:

Arts and Culture creates a physical catalogue for every exhibition which is free for visitors to take home with them. This item serves multiple purposes, and is an important part of each gallery.

Elements of catalogue:

  • Photographs or scans of artwork with the proper credit and citation
  • Writing Introduction essay
  • Artist essay
  • Special thanks

Catalogue information is also used for making the wall cards and MUST be given in this format for every single piece on display:

Artist Name
Title of Artwork, Year of creation
Medium or materials used for its creation


What we expect/need from artists


After the show - online gallery

Gallery Dimensions

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3D Top-Down View Showing Doors

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Our Pedestals

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