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Each workshop will be hosted via Zoom.

Expressive Therapies is a FREE program open to foster parents, adoptive parents and caregivers in El Dorado County. This program pairs artists with therapists to tailor artistic workshops geared toward helping those parents and caregivers who are experiencing stress, trauma, anxiety, or grief. Several mediums will be presented in this program.

For more information e-mail Mike Restaino at or call (530) 295-3496

Current Workshop

Collage and Mixed Media

Led by licensed marriage and family therapist Gloria Rill and artist David Yapp

Saturday, July 10, 24, 31 on Zoom from 10 am - 12 pm

Using a selection of colored and printed papers, acrylic paints, and drawing media, participants will work with different visual creative forms of expression such as line, color, texture, shape, and symbols. Through the direction of the therapist and the creative and technical guidance of the artist, participants will explore thoughts, memories, emotions, and narratives related to the theme(s) instigated by the therapist.

Stencils, pre-printed images, found objects, prose, and poetry can be used in the book-making process to enable participants to convey concepts without the need for a strong capacity in drawing or painting skills.

Book-making and mixed media enable a flexible, multi-layered approach to enable participants to produce artwork that can be either simple or complex in nature.

Artwork can be completed in one session or developed over all three sessions and can be produced either with one individual or as a collaborative art project, dependent on how the therapist wishes to direct the sessions.

Upcoming Workshops

Expressive Therapies will continue through the summer and fall, with workshops involving nature drawing, knitting, and creative writing. Check back later to see when each workshop will be offered.

Expressive Therapies is funded in part by:

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