Writings by Workshop Participants

Throughout the run of each Veterans' Voices Writing Workshop session, participants write both at home and in the Monday night meetings. With their permission, this page will feature recent writings from current participants.

The Perfect Spouse – By Travis L. Dover

One spoonful, once per week with any food or drink. Share serving size with spouse if spouse no longer meeting expectations. The handwriting on the bronze glass bottle could have been that of an evil genius. Maybe Dr. Moodlow was an evil genius. Tom should have vetted him, searched his credentials on the internet, or…

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The Lieutenant’s Pork Roast – By Mike Durant

“Here piggy, piggy, piggy. Come here you little sucker,” I mumbled as I sloshed through the muddy pigsty in the dark, trying to catch one of the little bastards. I had to be quiet. Johnny Reb was less than a half-mile away from the deserted farm, unaware that our troops were trailing close behind. I…

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