Help us Launch a Local Arts Agency to Support the Arts of Alpine County

What is a local arts agency?

A local arts agency is the official county-designated organization that supports arts and cultural activity in service to individuals and communities throughout an entire county. Local arts agencies provide a variety of services, based on the needs of the constituency. These may include grant-making, marketing and promotion, professional development, targeted programs, operation of a facility, or other services to arts organizations, individual artists, and the community. A local arts agency can be an agency of local government, a nonprofit organization, or a hybrid of the two.

Why does Alpine County need an arts agency?

Alpine County is one of four counties in the state with no arts agency. Creating one allows the county to receive annual funding support to promote, connect, and empower art, artists, and makers throughout the region. It will ensure a vital presence for the arts while making them accessible to everyone and positively impacting the region’s economic health and growth through vibrant arts programming. Funding sources will include dedicated funding from the California Arts Council, and may include other grants, corporate sponsorships, foundation giving, and individual donations.

The California Arts Council has awarded a State-Local Partner Mentorship Grant to El Dorado County’s arts council, Arts and Culture El Dorado, to help Alpine County establish its own arts agency. This grant will cover the costs of developing the new agency. Arts and Culture El Dorado will partner with Alpine County Chamber of Commerce on the project.

How will it work/The Process

Creating an arts agency requires community input. Therefore, several stakeholder and community meetings will be held throughout the county to understand the new agency's needs, concerns, and priorities. The results will shape the agency's mission, strategic plan, and goals.

No two local arts agencies are exactly alike in name, programming, or even mission. The end result will be unique to the community it serves in Alpine County.