A Mother and Child Union, by Sue McMahon

A Mother and Child Union

A young girl enveloped in her mother’s arms,
Completely at peace with
Complete trust displayed,
The mother holds her eyes open
Anticipating the girl’s needs
Her back is taunt,
And strong enough to
Support a lifetime of whoas
That may come their way
She rocks her baby quietly
Yet surrounded by daily chaos
And clutter strewn about the home
Alas, at that moment the world
Stops as their heartbeats co-mingle
Softly against their chests
Nothing in this world can
Separate this bond
Even as the years pass by,
When they meet again at airports
Or train stations, they will
Hold each other firmly
And their heartbeats will
Co-mingle once again
Upon their breasts

Sue McMahon

Marisa Sayago, Hija Mia, 2008, ceramic
Marisa Sayago, Hija Mia, 2008, ceramic